It’s the people I meet

I have dived on here today to add a post because I could not leave what has just happened without saying something.  Many, many times I have said that one of the best parts about helping people learn all about fly fishing is meeting them in the first place.  They literally come from all walks of life.

A few weeks back I met Joe & Lesley Denham, visiting Exmoor for a 2 day fly fishing course.  It was Lesley who was keen to learn and so Joe had booked them in for the weekend.  Right away we hit it off over the obligatory cup of tea, discussing the days ahead of us and more besides.  I am always interested in what my guests do for a living, especially business owners and it turned out that Joe & Lesley are involved in another huge passion of mine; food.

A lady angler trying fly fishing at Exe Valley Fishery

Lesley realises her dream of trying fly fishing

Not restauranters, deli owners or farmers these guys sell a product that means it is possible to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs.  The VegTrug.  I was fascinated by their story and what is a simple, yet very effective product, especially as I had been looking into ways that I could use our fishery venue to combine the process of catching a fish with the important aspects of preparing, cooking & consuming it afterwards.  With home grown salad & veggies!

During the conversation I also mentioned my daughter, her love of the outdoors and that something like this would be just up her street.  After a successful course and a sad good bye I cannot say anything more than how gobsmacked my wife Sue and I were when the following week 3 VegTrugs turned up on our doorstep!

Joe & Lesley Denham of VegTrug with Rainbow Trout

Husband and wife team Joe & Lesley with some Trout to go with their VegTrug

It’s been a busy few weeks guiding and so finding time to spend with the family has been tough, but yesterday we took the day to celebrate Sues 40th birthday, spend some time with the children and set up the VegTrug.  A slap up roast lunch inside us we nosed around a local garden nursery for all manner of tasty things to grow and headed home to set to work.  Here is the result of our first attempt at growing our own food!

Ready to set up a VegTrug

Scarlett looking very pleased with her new VegTrug

Construting a VegTrug

I am not practical shall we say, but fortunately my son was on hand to help!

Half way through building a VegTrug

It was my wife that spotted we were putting it together wrong and Chester soon had it sorted. The VegTrug is actually super easy to build and there are videos to help. I should have used them!


Filling a VegTrug with compost

And now the fun bit – filling with compost!

Planting out a VegTrug

Building & filling- Chester was done! But Scarlett got stuck into planting while even Rio our Black Lab looked interested. Sorry no bones in their old boy!

A VegTrug filled with fruit, veg & herbs

A couple of hours and one completed VegTrug!

Starting from the far right corner we have planted Strawberries, Tomatoes, Chilli, Broccoli, Lettuce (2 varieties), Basil and Black Peppermint.  This is just our first try, so we have not gone mad but hopefully we can get some of that perfect Trout herb, Dill, growing soon and Radishes, Beetroot, Carrots and definitely Garlic are all high on the list!

I realise that this is a little different to my usual posts, but we had a fantastic day with the children and Scarlett’s face was just a picture, so I just had to write about it.  It maybe a tenuous link but all of this was once again because of meeting more incredible people through fly fishing.  Thank you so much Joe & Lesley, you have made the Hart family very, very happy indeed.  We promise to report on our first crops soon!

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  1. Very, very cool, great to see you all having so much fun.

    Henry Gilbey | May 17, 2016 at 5:21 am | Reply

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