A few changes coming to the Nick Hart Fly Fishing blog

For a start it’s going to be updated, perhaps not to a timetable or a deadline but I will be adding to what you see here more frequently and I hope you like it.  I am amazed by the amount of people I talk to who check out the blog; despite my lack of posts.  Thanks to you for checking back and I hope that in future you enjoy reading whatever I post here.  Some new features will begin to appear, so watch this space.

Note in diary to update blog!

Deadlines may not be met – but there will be more updates on the blog.

Meanwhile I was given the honour of writing on Henry Gilbeys blog as a guest recently.  This guy I am sure will need no introduction.  Henry never stops (he sleeps very little!), his passion for fishing never wanes and what I like best is how much he just wants to keep on learning.  This is evident from the thoughtful posts which he is constantly adding to his blog which now has an enormous following…I believe bandwidth had to be discussed!  And if you enjoy looking at images of fishing, do not miss this link to his gallery.

Screenshot of guest blog post by Nick Hart on Henry Gilbeys blog

My guest post on Henrys blog posted after a very thought provoking question

Take a look at my guest post here which was a follow up to Henry’s teaser, Is lure fishing a possible future for fishing?.  Of course I am a fly fishing instructor, that’s how I earn my living so you may may wonder why I was inspired to begin tapping on the keyboard based on the title.  Have a look and you may see what I am getting at.  Or not as the case maybe!

Its food for thought.  Last week I spotted an interesting article on the web from a well known face, in fact a very, very well known face regarding the plight of our stillwater fisheries and could not help but nod throughout as he made statement after hard hitting statement.

More on that next time but for the moment I shall leave you with Daye, one of those people who just cannot help but smile all day.  Originally from the Seychelles Daye has bait and lure caught Bonefish to her name, not to mention Tigerfish in Zimbabwe, but spent her first day of fly fishing with me here on the lakes yesterday.  How could she enjoy our cold weather and a stocked Trout after all her other fishing adventures?   Well that question got me thinking about another blog post … check back soon, you never know, I may have added it!

Nick Hart with guest for the day Daye and her first Trout on fly

Daye has caught Bonefish & Tigerfish but looks well pleased with her first ever Trout on a fly!

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