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I have been messing around with fishing rods for as long as I can remember. By age 9 I was a fanatical angler and this passion just grew stronger the older I became. So in my late teens I decided to do something about it and pursue a career as a fly fishing instructor.

This proved to be more difficult than first expected as at first I had to negotiate the Salmon & Trout Associations National Instructors certificate, resulting in many hundreds of hours of practice and revision. But it was well worth it because having passed I was offered a job with world famous instructor Simon Gawesworth at his fly fishing school. When he emigrated a year later, I had a choice; find a proper job or spend my days sharing my passion for fly fishing, with people who had proper jobs!

Now in my 14th year as an instructor I am proud to be fully qualified to AAPGAI level (Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors) with all the necessary insurances and first aid skills required to ensure that my guests are safe while enjoying their time with me. Examinations are important of course, but I believe that my passion for the sport is the most important qualification I possess. Fly Fishing is my full time work and yet on my day off, I go fishing! I do my very best to breath this enthusiasm into every event that I organise.

Fly Fishing is a sport for all and is nowhere near as complicated as many believe. I have been fortunate enough to teach many hundreds of guests over the years so I am able to spot faults at a glance. Within a very short time I aim to have each of my clients casting, tying knots and catching fish. Children are welcomed by the way, and often make superb casters.

When I first set out to become an instructor I was warned that working in fishing would spoil my love for the sport but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact my involvement has offered me the opportunity to guide abroad in countries such as Argentina and Spain with further visits to Africa, Bahamas, Florida, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Montana and Venezuela with a fly rod in hand.

These experiences have lead to even more opportunities including television work, articles for magazines and my own book, The Essential Guide to Fly Fishing. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure that I really have been this lucky but in all honesty the most pleasurable aspect of my work is introducing people to fly fishing and sharing in the thrill of their success. I hope that you will join me soon!

If you don't have time to go fishing right now get your fix of armchair angling by keeping up with Nicks latest news, views and reviews (plus a few adventures!) on his blog.

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“ Chris Short fished on Sat 14th Nov and caught one of his best ever bags including these two fish of 7lb 8oz and 6lb 8oz”

Chris Short - 5 Trout for 25lb 2oz - Fishing at Exe Valley

Chris Short - 5 Trout for 25lb 2oz - Fishing at Exe Valley
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