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Begin your Journey Fly Fishing for beautiful Wild Trout Before casting along the Coast For the ultimate Experience

River 2 Rock - The Ultimate UK Adventure Fishing Holiday

Take a variety of mouth watering venues, several fish species, mix with an abundance of fly fishing tackle and throw in some modern lure fishing techniques for good measure. This is a journey, an experience; this is The River2Rock fishing adventure!

Day 1

Day 1 begins in the stunning Exmoor hills fishing the crystal clear spate rivers that are home to our famous Wild Brown Trout. Pit your wits against these wily little fish, be amazed by the scenery and fill your digital camera with memories.

Day 2

Day 2 takes us from the Exmoor hills to the lowlands of Devon where we begin the search for Pike, perhaps a Perch or even a Chub. Get lucky and we could catch all three! Using a mixture of fly fishing and light tackle lure tactics we aim to bank a toothy critter while also experimenting with tactics in readiness for day three.

Day 3

Day 3 and our journey from source to the sea finds us to the breathtaking rock strewn coastline of a West Country Bass mark. Fly Fishing offers an exciting way to target this species but if the wind whips up then the lure rods will be close to hand. Whatever the weather there is no doubt that this will be the perfect climax to The Ultimate UK Adventure Fishing Holiday!

I can provide airport collections, train pickups, transport throughout the week and we also supply waders and all the equipment. Bring your friends, organise a family holiday, sign up as a stag party or even use the River2Rock Fishing Adventure as a team building exercise.

Above all relax and take a journey through the West Country experiencing Fun, Fresh Air and somewhere along the way ... Fish.

Day 1: Fly Fishing for Wild Brown Trout

It's fair to say that the West Country is a piscatorial heaven and what better way to begin our three day fly fishing extravaganza than with a day exploring a beautiful stretch of wild Trout fishing?

After a hearty breakfast I will transport you into the valleys of the Exmoor National Park in search of a crystal clear river. There amongst cascading waterfalls, delicious looking riffles and chocolate box scenery we will become immersed in the world of the Wild Brown Trout.

Tactics vary although the fish which inhabit these spate-rivers are often free rising and only too willing to snatch at a well presented dry fly. Mix a stealthy approach with a well practiced loop or two and the opportunity to enjoy abundant sport will no doubt present itself. If the fish prove to be canny then I have the experience to help you make the best of a subsurface approach with techniques such as pocket water “bugging” style or the legendary New Zealand dropper.

This is active fishing offering the chance to drink in the pure atmosphere of these special places while journeying upstream in the quest for more, prettier or even bigger Trout! Its hungry work too, so gather strength for the next round with a break for a homemade pasty, sat on an island of rock with the river swirling all around, or stop off in a local pub and enjoy a ploughman's lunch.

Rejuvenated the expedition continues with each new twist providing a different test, a more challenging Trout and panoramic scenes that will be etched on your memory forever more.

Day 2: Fly Fishing for Pike

After an evening swapping fishing tales our adventure continues as we head away from the National Park to the lowlands of the Somerset levels in search of a fly caught Pike.

The apex predator of the freshwater world there is not a dry fly or light line in sight; instead we swap four weights for ten weights, replace our gossamer leader with wire and go hunting the toothiest of critters.

This is frontline fly fishing for a captivating killer that will often take to the air when hooked or bore deep in the hope of shedding the brightly coloured streamer which it mistook for prey. If you are lucky then just for a moment predator becomes prey as the occasion is captured on film and then watch in awe as the beast returns to its lair.

Often this brutal adversary will get the better of you, tail walking to freedom or layup with jaws clamped shut; refusing to feed. This is our chance to show you new tactics, tighten up loops and achieve super high line speeds while we wait patiently for the next attack.

Fancy a break from the fly casting or just want to try something different? Then learn all about light tackle lure fishing, the benefits of braided line and become absorbed by the world of soft plastic baits. This is a superb method, especially in coloured water or during windy conditions and provides an introduction to possibly unfamiliar tackle in readiness for the day ahead.

Once again return to your comfortable accommodation, enjoy swapping fishing tales, and recharge with a hearty supper. There is another exciting day ahead!

Day 3: Saltwater Fly Fishing for Bass

I make no apologies if you have been unable to sleep; you have probably caught the Bass bug! There is only one cure known to man, we must pack the truck with lightweight fishing tackle and head to the coast in search of our remedy.

This day is sure to take anticipation to a feverish state as we traverse the awe-inspiring Devon coastline searching for signs of the muscle bound predators which lurk beneath the waves. Watch as the coastline transforms with the tide, the waves begin to fizz and begin your casts into the unknown. This is perhaps the wildest of wild fishing; because who knows what may grab your fly?

Mackerel, Wrasse and Pollack might be sent to test your tippet, a school Bass or its big mama. But this journey has never been about size, or even numbers. Pause for a moment, look around, revel in the experience and just for a moment your world may stop spinning.

Then continue your quest, yearning for that dull thud at the end of the line followed by an electric run which triggers the adrenalin rush you crave. Set your drag wisely, watch out for the reef, apply pressure, change the angles and pray that the next wave washes your prize to shore. Was it a lone fish or perhaps there is a shoal? When the conditions come together we love nothing more than to guide people during a Bass attack as like hungry wolves they slam into helpless bait fish. Gulls dive from above, the water shimmers and a good cast will almost certainly result in a fish.

As a passionate fly fishing guide I aspire to offer you an adventure like no other, a truly memorable experience, so it is with a heavy heart that eventually I ask my guests to wind up their lines for the final time. But this moment of sadness will soon be forgotten as like school children we head for home recollecting the events of the past few days, the fun, the fresh air and fish while looking forward to our future expeditions from river to rock.


What's included? Equipment and lures/flies for the duration of the trip, permit fees, packed lunch, soft drinks, transport to venues.

What's not included? Guest's accommodation, breakfast, evening meals or drinks. Environment Agency Rod Licence.

One to One: If you would like to book a River2Rock event on a one to one basis, or as part of a smaller group please do not hesitate to contact Nick Hart Fly Fishing on 01398 323008 for a quote.

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“ Cracking time Nick.  Wish I had come down for a week!  Fishing was fascinating as always.   ”

Hugh Caslake (Chorleywood) - 2 Days Sea Trout Guiding

Hugh Caslake (Chorleywood) - 2 Days Sea Trout Guiding
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