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Booking Conditions

Booking Your Fly Fishing Experience - Useful Information, trading terms & conditions.

First Contact

The office for Nick Hart Fly Fishing is open 7 days per week from 9.30am to 5.00pm. Please call 01398 323008 to make your booking and discuss further details. If we are unable to answer your call, please leave your name, number and a short message on the voicemail. We will contact you within 24 hours.


All bookings are subject to a deposit totalling 25% of the course/guiding fee, payable by card over the phone or direct to our bank account, details provided upon request. Please note that unfortunately we do not accept cheques as a deposit or payment of the outstanding balance. We accept most major credit cards including Visa and Mastercard, although at present we do not have the facility for American Express. Please note that all payments are to be made in sterling, if paying via transfer from abroad a charge will be levied.

Payment of Balance

The remaining 75% of fees are payable upon completion of your course/guided fly fishing experience by cash or credit/debit card. Bookings made less than 4 weeks before the scheduled course/guided trip are subject to payment in full. If you would like to purchase a gift voucher, full payment is required in advance.


All dates are booked on a first come, first served basis. As soon as dates have been agreed a deposit is required to secure space. Our maximum provisional booking time allowance is 24 hours and we reserve the right to sell space if a firm booking with deposit is acquired. Within 48 hours of a booking secured by deposit we will despatch a full confirmation detailing dates of your course/guided fishing and further important information.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers can be purchased by calling 01398 323 008 during office hours or ordered online at Vouchers are valid for 2 years from the order date. At our discretion it may be possible to extend this period of validity or upgrade upon payment of an extra fee. All funds paid for vouchers are non returnable, however if the course or guided trip secured by the voucher is not required by the recipient goods not exceeding the value of the voucher may be purchased from Hart Flyshop. If the voucher is exchanged for tackle/equipment from Hart Flyshop, no change will be given.

Hours of Work

Fly Fishing is all about anticipation, expectation and a little bit of the unexpected. Therefore placing an exact or set time on each day is virtually impossible. However as a general guide half day courses span 4 hours, for example from 9.30am to 1.30pm. Full day courses are 7 ½ hours including a thirty minute lunch break, although this is an excellent time to discuss the day so far, what is coming next and ask any questions which you may have. It is advisable to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your course to allow time for setting up and to enjoy a coffee/tea with your instructor.

Guided fly fishing is a little more unpredictable; especially if the fish are biting! Each session follows the guideline hours applied to courses but upon agreement with your guide further hours can be added to the trip at a rate of £30 per hour.

Cancellation by you

We understand that sometimes circumstances may make it impossible to attend a course or guided trip. If a cancellation is made by you at least 12 weeks in advance we will return your deposit in full. Should the cancellation be made with less than 12 weeks' notice we will refund your deposit if we re-let the availability. Cancellations 31 days prior to the course/guided trip are subject to a charge amounting to 50% of the balance. If you cancel your course less than 15 days prior to the booking the remaining balance is payable in full.

Cancellation by us

If circumstances beyond our control require us to cancel your course we reserve the right to refund fees paid to us or offer an alternative course of similar value/duration. Please note that we accept no liability for any accommodation, travel or additional expenses in the event that we have to cancel your course.

Adverse Weather Conditions

In the event that adverse weather conditions make it impossible to fish your chosen location (for example a river affected by heavy rainfall) Nick Hart Fly Fishing reserves the right to find an alternative venue including small stillwaters or reservoirs. In the event that you do not wish to fish an alternative venue, leading to cancellation of the day, full payment of the remaining course/guiding balance will be required. However we will credit this sum against a future trip or alternatively the sum may be used to purchase products from Hart Flyshop.

Dangerous Weather Conditions

If an instructor/guide working on behalf of Nick Hart Fly Fishing decides to cancel your trip due to dangerous conditions including flooding, lightning or high winds the full balance will remain payable. As an example if a full day is booked and it is only possible to fish for half a day, a further half day will be credited for use in the future or the remaining fees may be used to purchase tackle from Hart Flyshop. Every effort will be made to ensure your time with us goes ahead as planned and whenever possible we will also contact you in advance of your trip if weather conditions are deteriorating. Your safety is of paramount importance and therefore Nick Hart Fly Fishing reserves the right to cancel an event if there is a risk to your well being.

Failure to attend a course/guided trip

In all but the most exceptional circumstances the full course balance will remain payable if you fail to attend a course/guided trip. Your instructor/guide will wait for a period of 90 minutes for guests to show. After this period your booking will be deemed to have been cancelled and all remaining balances will become payable plus any travel or other expenses incurred by your instructor/guide to attend your booking.

After the 90 minute show period it may be possible to continue with your booking but the time will be deducted from the session/s in relation to our hours of work. Additional time may be added at a rate of £30 per hour. If you have been unable to attend your course/guided trip we may credit your payment towards a future booking with Nick Hart Fly Fishing but this is at our discretion under very exceptional circumstances.


We accept no liability for disruption to our service caused by travel restrictions, industrial action, fuel shortages, accident or illness.

Protective Equipment

Fly casting/fishing is generally a very safe sport; however eye protection must be worn at all times and head protection in the form of a hat or cap. If you refuse to wear these items then we reserve the right to cancel your tuition/guiding and to charge the full remaining balance. If you do not have the protective equipment required we are able to supply this on a free of charge basis for the duration of your course/guided trip. A buoyancy aid/lifejacket must be worn at all times during boat fishing and while wading through turbulent/deep water.

Damage to fishing tackle/equipment

It is our responsibility to show you correct practice while handling all fishing tackle/equipment loaned to you for the duration of a course. In the event that damage to the equipment has been caused by mishandling, you will be charged at our wholesale price to purchase a replacement. Breakages can be paid for by cash or credit/debit card only.

Disclosure of Information

It is your responsibility to ensure any instructor/guide working on behalf of Nick Hart Fly Fishing aware of the following: Medical conditions - especially ongoing or serious. Temporary disability, permanent disability or injury which may cause limitations during the day. All allergies including side effects related to medication, insect bites or consumption of food. Please also ensure that your instructor is aware of procedures relating to any condition you may have in the event of an emergency. We also require at least one emergency contact number.


No person, company or other organisation associated with Nick Hart Fly Fishing will be liable for illness, personal injury or death of a client.


These terms & conditions form a contract between Nick Hart Fly Fishing and the person who appears on the invoice related to a course, guided trip or River 2 Rock event that we organise on their behalf. All individuals attending such an occasion should also carefully read our terms and conditions. By reserving a course or guided day you and all members of your party are agreeing to accept our terms.


In the unlikely event that a dispute arises all proceedings will be settled in an English court, governed by English law. Terms & Conditions Updated: Tues 8th May 2012

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