Exe Valley Fishery … the next 10 years

Where do I start with this blog post?  At the beginning makes sense I suppose, so here goes … with a bit of an important announcement.  I am pleased to report that on 14th November last week Sue and I signed a 10 year lease to manage the fishing lakes here at Exe Valley.

Nick & Sue Hart sign a 10 year lease at Exe Valley Fishery

Nick & Sue Hart sign a 10 year lease at Exe Valley Fishery

I have so many ideas for Exe Valley Fishery and so many schemes that I would like to put into action … but unfortunately it can’t all happen overnight.  The most important thing we need to get right is the fish; after all that’s why people visit the site.  Yes it’s beautiful here if I do say so myself and we have a specialist fly shop on site.  We are a Troutmasters water too, organise competitions such as the World Bank Masters and are within easy reach of catchments including Tiverton, Taunton & Exeter … but in the end it is all about the fish!

Many anglers want to catch heavyweight Trout but for us to maintain the fees we charge we cannot operate as a purely big fish water, however we do introduce a few jumbos each month to spice things up.   Just to prove a point, two of our most regular anglers extracted a couple of them around an hour after we put pen to paper.  This was not a publicity stunt I assure you!  Keith and Mary Ratcliffe visit almost every week and rarely leave without a limit of fish.  And if you fish enough then a big one may just make a mistake, or in this case … two!

Keith & Mary Ratcliffe with Trout of 8lb 4oz & 8lb 3oz from Exe Valley Fishery

Exe Valley Fishery regulars Keith & Mary Ratcliffe celebrate the signing of our new lease in the best way possible!

We have also tried to add some variety to the venue by introducing Brown Trout, with a few Blues also going in.  Some have complained that despite these changes which have been introduced over the last couple of years that “it’s not like it used to be”   … usually followed by “I can remember the days when I got my limit in an hour”.  Of course we are never going to please all of the people, all of the time but I can state here and now that over the next 10 years we won’t be striving to attract anglers who want to catch a limit in just an hour.  Where is the fun in that?!

Exe Valley Fishery - one of the most scenic small stillwaters in the UK

Is Exe Valley one of the prettiest small still waters in the UK? We like to think so and that’s good because we will be looking at it for at least 10 more years!

So what are our aims?  In short; many and varied, but our main ambition is to provide our customers with a great day out fly fishing arguably one of the prettiest small stillwaters in England.  During the last 2 years we have been toe dipping prior to signing up for a decade and during that time I love the kind of “community” atmosphere which has become prevalent at the lakes.  We have so many regulars that we are on first name terms with who return week in, week out to tangle with our hard fighting Trout.  I cannot type another sentence without giving a huge vote of thanks to all of you who have continued to support us despite the far from stable economy.  Seeing these regular faces means a huge amount to us both and now that we are signed up until 2022 we will aspire to bring you an even greater experience.

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  1. Good luck to you both in this brilliant adventure and I look forward to visiting you and your waters this year.

    Colin Storr | January 14, 2013 at 8:17 pm | Reply

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