The healing power of fishing

It’s been a while since I posted here, mainly because I have been busy guiding, teaching or if I am honest … away fishing …  a bit.  Well, a week in Ireland and then another in Scotland to be precise! Where exactly did the last few months go … and what happened to part two of this?  Apologies, I had good intentions when the site was first launched but let’s say things changed here a little bit through the season.

Exe Valley Fishery - Somerset

A very wet Exe Valley Fishery

Now that the close season has arrived I always feel a slight air of gloom.  Although this morning it looks like the sun is going to put in an appearance as I write this … even so; so much for the Indian summer.  Yesterday it battered down relentlessly as I am sure you noticed; certainly the car park remained very empty.  That is all except for one van belonging to Chris Short.  A regular visitor to the fishery I greeted him with “You must be mad” as he climbed out of his car in something approaching a monsoon.  His retort was “Well, I can’t lay blocks today, so why not go fishing … after all its only rain!”  Good on him!!!

A few hours later he returned clutching this stunning 8 1/2lb Rainbow, his best fish to date and he has only been fly fishing for a few months.  He was ecstatic and despite the miserable weather we both had smiles on our face.  He was happy with his fish while I was delighted for him.  Chris had braved the weather, enjoyed the lake to himself and walked away with a reward for his efforts.  Suddenly there was a ray of sunshine across Exe Valley, despite the thick cloud, torrential rain and nonexistent visibility.

Exe Valley Fishery angler Chris Short with an 8 1/2lb Rainbow Trout

A very proud Chris Short with his 8 1/2lb Rainbow

I have another story attached to the title of this blog, which is what I had really intended to write about, but after yesterday’s events I will elaborate some more next time.  Right now the sun is shining (amazing!) and I have some guests turning up to try their hand at fishing.  Apparently one of them has been seriously ill, so I hope that fishing will work its healing magic on them.

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