World Bank Masters Competition

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the new World Bank Masters Competition will come to Exe Valley Fishery on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March.  Organised by Iain Barr, this is a national competition with a major sponsor in Airflo.  If you have ever been interested in fishing a match then this is your chance to take part without the daunting prospect of heading to a reservoir to try and secure a place in the final.  Nobody will leave empty handed as free fly lines and flies will be presented to all competitors paying the relevant entrance fee.

We will peg each of our competition heats by draw at the beginning of the day, with anglers moving around the lake in a clockwise direction every 30 mins to give all competitors a fair chance to fish the hotspots.  The bag limit will be 5 fish, but after the limit has been reached anglers will be able to continue fishing on a catch & release basis with points scored per fish caught.  There will be prizes at the heats but the main objective is to reach the final being held on 20th May at Elinor in Northamptonshire.  The winners prize is £2000, with various other tagged fish and spot prizes!

The amount of places available at each heat, going through to the final will depend on numbers who enter, but there is a good chance that the top 4 to 6 rods at each of our heats could go through.  The heats will be be based on fishery rules with the exception of catch & release which we are offering on the day to provide an exciting competition, barbless or debarbed hooks will be obligatory.  We are also providing a special 5 fish limit at £25.00, which is based on the usual price of 4.   The entry fee for the first heat is £25.00, although further heats can be attended for a reduced fee of £22.00  All forms should be sent to the organiser including a cheque for the entrance fee, fishery fees to be settled on the day of the heat.  We have entry forms available at the shop, but you can also download one by clicking here.  And for further details including rules for the final which will be entirely catch & release please see this page.

We already have quite a few entrants but places will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.  So if you fancy the chance of a lovely day out on Exe Valley, a new fly line, some extra flies for your box and even the chance of winning yourself £2000 should you make it to the final … please enter, we would love to see you.  And of course we will also stock one or two specimen fish, see here for our latest catches.  So those dates for your diary again, Airflo World Bank Masters Competition Heats at Exe Valley Fishery on Sat 3rd & Sunday 4th March 2012.  We hope to see you there!

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