Weather and work …. are these the two biggest factors which ruin a day by the water?

Waking up to the drizzle this morning I began to think about the last few days.  Yesterday I was supposed to go fishing on the North coast with lures for Bass, the fly rod packed of course, that was until the forecast NW wind materialised.  Enjoying a shower I heard the phone ring and my wife answer, sometimes clients call early I thought … even on a Sunday!

Unfortunately it was my mate Wayne Thomas with some bad news, the wind direction had kicked up the surf, coloured the water and things were looking very bad.  The nearest we came to actually going fishing was an hour of angling related chat!  But should we have just gone for it?  This was the question that kept going through my head as I settled down for a day with the family.

The inevitable withdrawal symptoms set in and I don’t mind admitting to more than a little frustration that our trip was aborted.  It was made worse by the events which transpired on the previous Friday.  I was supposed to have been at a track day screaming around the tarmac in some high powered super car, a special offer event available for just one hundred coins.  But, the tides looked good so I decided to ditch burning rubber for some fly action on the North Devon coast.  This time work got in the way … and whatever way I looked at it I was also a ton down.

Weather and work …. are these the two biggest factors which ruin a day by the water?  I would personally vote YES.  Should we use them as an excuse?  Well I feel a bit like a hypocrite but today I vote NO … where possible.  There is no point in flogging a dead horse that is for sure but with a busy week of work ahead I feel like I missed out on those wonderful hours of concentrated freedom and anyway it is not just about catching is it?  Fishing is a chance to forget work (yes I know I am a fishing guide but I still have to run a business and pay taxes!) and anyway even if the weather is dire isn’t  “a bad days fishing better than a good day at work?”  Wrap up in some decent windproof wet weather gear and go fishing!

Perhaps Wayne and I should have struck out for an unknown South Coast mark or swapped Bass for Trout?  That is one of the main but lovely problems about living in this part of the West Country, there are just so many options!  This shouldn’t really be a dilemma but I have often found myself deliberating (while wasting valuable fishing time) over a venue. 

Weather I can do nothing about.  Sometimes work will get in the way.  Being decisive about going fishing is something I need to work on.

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